Annual and Upcoming Events


                                                     COUPLES NIGHT OUT

                                                     February 29th 5:pm.  This is a fun night where all married couples get together for fun, food, and fellowship. 


                                           PASTOR AIKENS APPRECIATION ANNIVERSARY

                                                    March 8th 4:00pm.  We are honoring our associate pastors Joseph and Selma Aiken with an appreciation service


                                                      GOOD FRIDAY PROGRAM

                                                     April  10th 7:30 pm.  We celebrate our Lord and Savior  Jesus Christ 


                                           CHURCH ANNIVERARY

                                                     April 19th 3:30pm.   We celebrate the anniversary of The Life Church, and it’s founders.



                                            I AM MY SISTERS MY KEEPER ( Women’s program)

                                                     May 15th 7:30pm.  This program is near, and dear to the heart of our First Lady Prophetess Diane Juitt. We gather items that are                                                                                                                            needed  for women, and the elderly who are in need,  struggling,  and in shelters.   Women from surrounding churches help                                                                                                                                        support this  program.  Please come out and join us.  Men are welcomed as well.


                                             MARRIAGE CONFERENCE

                                                       June 6th 3:30pm.   Marriage 101 from our pastors Alex and Diane Juitt who are marriage counselors, and have been married for 35 years.

                                                     They will teach on Relationship Delivery and Recovery,  Marriage Enrichment and Reconciliation.



                                             SINGLES CONFERENCE

                                                       June 20th 7:00pm.  Saved and single.         


                                             PASTORS AIDE PROGAM

                                                       July 19th 3;30 pm.     


                                             VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL



                                             PASTOR JUITT’S PASTORIAL ANNIVERSARY

                                                      August 20th & 21st.                  


                                             MEN OF GOD FELLOWSHIP

                                                      September 13th 3:30pm.  Fun, food, fellowship and real talk amongst the men of God.  Encouraging spiritual growth, and relationships.



                                                       WOMEN OF GOD FELLOWSHIP

                                                       October 10th 6:30pm . It’s always a fun time when the women of God get together.  Praise,  worship, and an inspiring message.


                                             FRIENDS AND FAMILY DAY  

                                             October 18th  

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